The Advanced Visualization Center staff assists students and faculty with the use of advanced technologies for the creation of visualizations for education and research. We also provide training on advanced software applications and data visualization techniques. The center supports the advancement of technology in education with an Ultra High Resolution Visualization Wall, with remote access to USF's High Performance Computing Cluster, a Rapid Prototyping Lab with over 40 3D printers and the Advanced Visualization Student Lab. We continue to explore and develop innovative practices in 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Visual Graphics, Animation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Data Analysis and Interactive Applications. The Advanced Visualization Center is part of USF Information Technology, Research Computing.

The Advanced Visualization Center is located at the Physics Building 12010 in CMC 147, across from the lecture hall.

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The AVC 3D Printing Lab is open from 9am -5pm Monday - Friday.

*SCHEDULING: SUMMER & FALL 2017 Semester Classes and Events

Available Rooms:
CMC 147, The Advanced Visualization Auditorium (Seating for 60+)
SCA 222, Visualization Student Computer Lab - Open Monday - Friday 9am-9pm
Rooms may be scheduled via the AVC website "Reservation Form"
You will be contacted once a request has been made regarding
availability. Space is filling up fast!


HANDS-ON 3D Printing Training
CMC 147, open to all students, staff and faculty - (Limit 5 people per session)

Human Avatars
Open to all Students, Faculty and Staff
CMC 147

TBA - Approaches in Visualization Technology for Research
TBA - 3D Printing Users Group Meeting (open to all students and faculty)
@ CMC 147 Advanced Visualization Center.


  • Game Development & Augmented Reality
  • Building Virtual Environments
  • 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D Printing: From Preparation to Print
  • Overview of Visualization
  • Data Visualization for the Web with JavaScript
  • Intro to Animation & Mesh Deformation
  • Medical Modeling and Animation
  • Unity3D for Research and Visualization

Please Check the Schedule for More Information and Updates