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About AVC


Howard Kaplan: Visualization Specialist

Howard has 10 years of experience in digital arts, visualization and animation and has been teaching computer graphics for over five years.
He has worked as Lead Animator and Art Director on numerous animated movies, websites and commercials. Most recently, Howard has worked with the MA State Police Department on 3D models. Howard is a member of IGDA-International Game
Developers Association and AMC Siggraph. His work has been featured at the Siggraph Conference, Animation Theater, Layers
Magazine, Science, Wired.com, Boston Herald, Fox News and in the Sarasota Herald Tribune

Student Assistants

Visualization Assistant: Matthew Wedebrock - BS- Computer Science
Visualization Assistant: Gilberto Jaimes- BS Biomedical Sciences | MS Bioinformatics 2014
Visualization Lab Monitor: Javier De La Vega - College of Engineering
Visualization Lab Monitor: Harish Kumar Chittam - College of Engineering


For more information please contact:

The Advanced Visualization Center is located at the Physics Building in CAS CMC 147, across from the lecture hall.
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Howard Kaplan
Visualization Specialist
(813) 974-3419