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Room Usage

The AVC is responsible for several lecture and presentation rooms that are equipped with advanced visualization technology. These rooms can be reserved according to the policies below.


Advanced Visualization Auditorium

AVC Auditorium, with several rows of seating and Avanced Visualization Wall

The Advanced Visualization Auditorium is a theater-like room that is home to the Advanced Visualization Wall, a high-resolution, 195" display wall consisting of 9 65" 4K monitors. The display wall supports ultra-high resolution (11520x6480 pixels) real-time and pre-generated visualizations and is equipped with a powerful Windows 10 computer and speaker system. The wall can also be used with personal laptops upon request, at a reduced resolution. The wall also has remote teaching capabilities upon request. The Auditorium is located on campus in CMC 147, and has seating for 60.

Reservation Form

Scheduling Policy

The Advanced Visualization Auditorium has been established and equipped to serve as a teaching facility, as part of the Student Tech Fee. As such it can be utilized by any USF academic department for class instruction or research purposes. Theses classes have priority over any other use of the space.

Since this classroom provides advanced technology for computing and displaying content, faculty demonstrations must meet the needs of this technology for approved use. While scheduling the facility, through the AVC website, instructors will be asked to provide a brief description of their intended use.

The Visualization Auditorium is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Current approved room reservations are shown on the AVC Schedule. When the reservation form has been filled out and submitted, it will be sent to the AVC Committee for review. Once the committee has approved the request the faculty member will be notified by email and the event will be added to the AVC online schedule.

If the request has been denied the faculty member that submitted the request will be notified by email with an explanation of the review. The committee may also request more information if necessary.

It is required that first time users of the Visualization Auditorium, meet with the AVC staff, at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event. One of the AVC staff members will walk you through a quick training session and answer any questions you may have about the equipment, resources and data transfer process.


A list of installed software is available here. Special requests for specific software or hardware must be made in advance by contacting us in advance. The installation of software by anyone not directly employed by the AVC is prohibited.


The following files are available for assistance with developing for the Visualization Wall:

Non-Instructional Use

The Visualization Auditorium is available for non-USF organizations at an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.

XR Lab

AVC Computer Lab, with a forensics class in progress

The XR Lab contains a number of high-performance Windows computers, specialized for use in developing visualization projects. These computers are pre-equipped with visualization software and can be accessed with a valid NetID. The room also contains a speaker system and projector for presentation and teaching purposes. The Computer Lab is located on campus in SCA 222.

The XR Lab also contains equipment for developing and using Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. See our Equipment page for available devices.

Reservation Form

Usage Policy

Students have priority over the lab resources during open lab hours. The current open hours are available here. The lab is open to students on a first come first serve bases. Students are required to sign-in with the lab monitor when entering the facility.

Utilization of the lab is granted for visualization projects and assignments for USF courses. Use of the open lab hours for other purposes is prohibited.

Scheduling Policy

The Visualization Computer Lab shares the same scheduling policy as the Advanced Visualization Auditorium. Please read in full before completing the reservation form.