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Student and Faculty Services

The Advanced Visualization Center provides assistance and guidance with the use of advanced technologies and the process of creating interactive applications such as augmented & virtual reality and 3D modeling & printing for course related assignments, research projects and instructional aids.

Students or faculty needing assistance are encouraged to contact the Advanced Visualization Center.


We are available to consult and develop applications for research grants. Typically, we are involved in the technology portion of the grant proposal process. For more information on how we can assist with grants, contact Howard Kaplan, Advanced Technologies Manager

Private Services (External to the USF System)

External parties interested in the services provided by the Advanced Visualization Center should contact Howard Kaplan to determine if we can accommodate your project requirements.

Citing the AVC

When using the Advanced Visualization services students, faculty, and researchers should cite the AVC properly.

The recognition of the AVC resources used to perform research is important for acquiring continued funding for the next generation of hardware, support services, and our research and development activities in advanced technology integration at USF.

At minimum, a citation should include:

Advanced Visualization Center (AVC), Research Computing (RC) at University of South Florida